Sunday, August 5, 2012

kaas pathar

Kaas plateau of flowers

Located 26 km away from Satara

It is an plateau with amazing variety of flowers and wildlife.

Please if you are visiting this place dont stamp on the flowers a lot of tourist are doing so and destroying the natural wonder.

Local Goverment is planning an hillstation i advise them to do something better live it alone control the number of visitors per day. Some Policing is required tourist pluck flower, litter after picnic they need to be fined and educated.

This place is best for photographers though sunlight can be an issue best time to visit is September to October. You can visit from Mahableshwar or Tapola or Satara.

It has an small lake nearby, as you are driving down the curves climbing down from Kaas Plateau you see a sign on left saying - Kas Talav. It is a natural tranquil Kaas lake surrounded by dense forests. To the left of the lake lies Sajjangad fort and Kanher Dam is to the right. It an famous picnic spot with the locals.

Bamnoli Village:
15-20 kms further Kaas lake, on thes bank of shivsagar lake formed by Koyna dam lies the sleepy village of Bamnoli. The dense forest and the smartly shining roads washed under showers of rain make the drive enchanting. Throughout the ghat you get to see amazing view of backwaters below.

Once you reach the village the breathtaking view of expanse of the lake that spreads for hundreds of square kilometers amazes you. Except of noise of hundreds of bats swinging on the high Nilgiri trees all you can hear is the few silent waves slapping on the shores.

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