माझे पान

Pawar History(पवार इतिहास)

Raja Bhoj Pawar ( राजा भोज पवार )
(Pamar) by subcaste from Agani Kul (Surajbans) was the ruler of Dhara Nagar in Madhya Pradesh. He ruled this region for 40 years up to 1059 A.D. After his death his brother Uday Dittya became the ruler. Uday Dittya ruled for 27 years up to 1086 A.D. After Uday Dittya’s death Jagdeo become the ruler but due to family dispute, after giving the rule in the hands of his brother Ranjodh, he went to Marwarh Rajasthan and then went to Punjab. After defeating Madud (the ruler from Mohammad Gajni’s family) in Sarhind  in 1125 he built the Ford of Jarg and settled in Jarg. He died in around 1160 A.D. in Punjab. 21 gottars of Jats are from his clan.  His grandsons Bopa and shapa established villages Boparai and Shapar in 1140. In 1225 A.D. after the defeat of Pamar subcaste people from Muslim rulers Shamsden Eltamesh, descendents of Jagdeo changed their surnames to the names of their ancestors. From Jagdeo’s bans Deols are descendants of Daval from Malwa region. 

Deols of village Boparai originally settled in village Talwandi, there is still a darwaja of deols. Maharaja Ranjit Singh being happy at the one of his servant gave 13 villages to her son named Dulla and made him the Chaudry. When Chaudry Dulla’s daughter was getting married, Deols from Talwandi gave rich gifts to his daughter and in return Dulla gave Deols the land of Boparai, Gill Patti and khandur to Deols. Dulla being a Chaudry used to collect ½ of produce from these Jamindhars.  Village people collectively decided to refuse giving the produce to Dulla. Angry at villager’s decision Chaudry Dulla attacked the village. In this fight 3 villagers died at pond near hospital, 3 died where bank is these days near Gurdwara Sahib, 2 died near Raddewala well (Khu), along with others  4 Ramdasi’s died as well. In the memory of those 4 Smadhs were built where Gurudwara Saheedaan is these days. The fifth Smadh is of a soldier from Raqba.

In 1924 Baba Gurdit Singh (S.Tara Singh’s dadaji) listened to the Katha of Sant Sundar Singh Ji at village Malak Chemna. When he came back to the village, he talked with other villagers to request Santji to come to Boparai kalan as well. Santji accepted the proposal and came to the village in March 1924. Santji did Katha Kirtan at Packa Darwaja first time in the village. According to some eye witness of the village that when Santji was doing Kirtan, Amrit started showering from the sky without any clouds. On 5th May 1924 at the request of villagers Santji laid the foundation of Gurudwara Sach Khand Sahib (Wada Gurudwara). During his times village was the center of Damdami taksal activities. Baba Hajara Singh s/o Badawa Singh donated 2 ½ vegha of land for Gurudwara Sahib. New construction of Gurudwara Sach Khand Sahib was started on feb 15 1990 by Sant Baba Naranjan Singh Ji and Sant Kirpal Singh ji.

Another writers including H.A. Rose describing about the strength and the 3 marriages of Jagdeo have written that Jagdeo was physically so strong that he could even un-root a tree from its root. At the same time he was spiritually very high personality, and was master of “RIDHI SIDHIS”. One day villagers from his father's province came in the court of his father and urged that a lion had become a man eater in their area and the villager’s life is in danger. Ranjodh, Jagdeo’s brother told Jagdeo in the court to kill the lion. Jagdeo replied that he will not fight with the son of cat and soldiers should be able to catch it and if he (Ranjodh) think that lion is big and very powerful animal then he (Ranjodh) can go. Listening to this Ranjodh’s wife pointing at Jagdeo said that if Jagdeo is so powerful why don’t he go and get his father’s province released from the hold of the king. In old days small provincial kings used to pay money to powerful kings not to attach their province. So after listening to this in the whole court Jagdeo made his mind that he will go and get his father’s province released. He asked his father to send few soldiers with him and when his father asked him to take the whole army, he replied that he had to fight what army will do. When they reached next province, Jagdeo asked his soldiers to prepare the food and he went to the city. He saw an old lady singing the marriage songs and the next moment the old lady started crying the death words. He asked the lady that what her problem was. She told Jagdeo that a Bigfoot (deeoo) attach this city and the king of this province orders one person every time to give sacrifice himself to save the city. She said that today was her sons turn and tomorrow is his wedding and that’ why she was singing and crying. Jagdeo said to her to just celebrate and he will take his sons turn. So when he went to the place where Bigfoot used to come and kill people he nabbed the Bigfoot. Jagdeo was about to kill the Bigfoot but the Bigfoot urged that he will stop killing the humans and urged for his life. Jagdeo let him go. In the morning when Jagdeo was found live, the kings daughter listened the story and went to the site and saw handsome Jagdeo saying that from now onwards the bigfoot will not come in this direction she fell in love with Jagdeo and told her father about her desire to marry Jagdeo. So the King of province urged Jagdeo to marry his daughter. She was Jagdeo’s first wife. When he moved to the next province, and went into the city the king of that province was holding a court. Bhatni (dancer by profession but spiritually high lady) was performing; when she saw Jagdeo she immediately put a cloth on her face “Kund Kadna”. The king asked why she did that she replied that today a man had entered here. The king felt insulted and asked that she meant that they all were women. Bhatni said to the King that he will have the answer. The king told Bhatni that he can give double the price, Jagdeo can give. In the mean time Jagdeo left the place and went back to the camp. Bhatni went behind him and asked him for his head. Jagdeo’s wife started crying listening to this. But Bhatni promised to her that her husband will be all right. So she took Jagdeo’s head to the King’s court and asked him for the double. The King got frightened and made an excuse that he will go and ask his queens for the second head. When the king went to his queens, his queens advised him not to go back and wear women’s cloth and sit between them so that when somebody comes looking for him they could say that King never came this way and the King acted upon their advise. After waiting for a while Bhatni went behind the King and caught the king sitting in the middle of his queens wearing women’s cloth. Then she told the King that now he knows why she said that a man had come. Bhatni took the head of Jagdeo back and using her spiritual and Ridhi Sidhi put the head back on Jagdeo’s body. The King was shameful and very sorry for insulting such a high powered and spiritual man. So he came to Jagdeo and asked to forgive him. He also requested Jagdeo to marry his daughter that became Jagdeo’s second wife. When Jagdeo reached the Kingdom of the King who used to collect money from Jagdeo’s father, king’s advisers already had learned about Jagdeo’s journey. They advised the King not to fight with Jagdeo as he is the master of Ridhi Sidhi and is a very spiritual man. So acting on the advice of his ministers the King made a plan and asked Jagdeo not to fight saying that many innocents will be killed. Jagdeo accepted the plan and the plan was that a mountain was given the name of Jagdeo’s province and if Jagdeo can get it released in a day from the King’s army that will mean Jagdeo’s victory. Jagdeo went to his camp to waiting and plan for next day’s attack. In the mean time the Bigfoot that Jagdeo had given pardon came from Jungle and Jagdeo asked him to kill the horses and disturb the Kings army in the night time and Bigfoot along with his other members did so. Kings army ran away before the morning and the King accepted the defeat and married his daughter to Jagdeo, she became Jagdeo’s third wife. When Jagdeo came back to his province he was warmly greeted. Ranjodh was upset at Jagdeo’s popularity and there was always a dispute in the family. So Jagdeo left the rule of province to his brother Ranjodh and left towards Marwar, Rajasthan along with his family and supporters.